Who doesn't love Michael Jackson's music?  (OK I'm sure there's someone out there but I haven't been able to find them).  The positive reaction I've gotten over the years from playing a large number of hits by the King of Pop lead me to make a mix purely consistent of MJ's jams & remixes.

Additionally, an embarrassing home video session between my wife and mother lead to us uncovering a gem of video that put this icing on the cake for this mix.  Here you'll see a young, energetic, rhythmic (sort of) me doing my best Michael Jackson.  I used this video to promote the mix in a different way than I ever have before.

The results of this mix were just what I hoped. It was trending 15th on the PARTY chart and 36th on the POP chart on Mixcloud.  It also generated the 2nd most traffic to my site for the year.  Additionally, I've been working on grabbing a couple new gigs around Chicago.  The versatility it showed in my DJ game helped me land residencies at Bar Toma and Maple & Ash Steakhouse, 2 places where you have to play a different brand of music to an older, more touristy audience.

Check out the mix and video below.  Feel free to dance.

Inspiration for my latest mix, OMJ, a Michael Jackson mix. Shout out to my sister Jackie for patiently dealing with that horrible display of rhythm, my parents for that sweet boom box and Bald Mike for the video production.